Pfft… Copywriting. What Does A Copywriter Do That I Can’t Do Myself?

What does a copywriter do?A small business owner strapped for cash is like Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce at a press conference. They’ll try to cut costs wherever possible.

They are reluctant to spend additional money on services, of which content marketing — including a strong social media presence, a blog for the SERPs, and persuasive copywriting — is viewed as inessential.

This mindset stems from a lack of understanding, where many owners and solopreneurs believe they can save a buck by doing most everything themselves– especially writing. After all, surely any non-dyslexic person with spell-check can whip up a few product descriptions, craft a facebook ad campaign, or write a powerful sales page? Right..?

And it’s this mindset which keeps business owners from investing in dedicated content marketing. But with number of US companies that invested in formal content marketing strategies jumping from 28% in 2012 to 49% in 2013

can you really afford not to invest in your content in 2014?

Just what does a copywriter do?

The answers can be kept simple. A copywriter paints pictures with words, targeting emotions. Why?

Because people buy on emotion, and then justify that decision with logic.

Let’s do a quick exercise: Visualise a product you’ve bought which wasn’t an absolute necessity (such as food and shelter). Perhaps the shoes you’re wearing? The latest iPhone in your pocket? The new Windows 8 notebook you’re using to read this? Or that sleek car parked in your garage?

Ultimately, you didn’t buy it for its features. You bought it because of how it made you feel. Whether that was sophisticated, rebellious, sexy, smart, trendy, or even successful. It’s all about emotions, and humans are hard-wired to seek them.

A copywriter taps into those emotions, crafting a picture with words designed to make the reader feel something. Feelings trigger emotions, which trigger actions. A phenomenon I will demonstrate shortly below.

Why you shouldn’t do the writing yourself

what does a copywriter do?Apart from the obvious point that a professional writer would be best suited to the task of writing your content, the fact of the matter is if you choose to do the writing yourself, you’re still going to pay for it. You’ll pay for it with your time, which, depending on how you price yourself per hour, is money anyway. And you’ll most likely pay for it with shitty results too.

You would also be ignoring the fact that successful companies invest in content (such as member newsletters, product descriptions, SEO-specific web pages, and other copywriting services). In fact, companies with fewer than 10 employees typically allocate 42% of their marketing budget to content.

Even if your budget is tight, it still makes more sense to invest in content over traditional advertising. Content marketing is shown per dollar to generate 3x more leads than traditional marketing and costs 62% less.

A copywriting story

Below is an example of copywriting that has been circulating the web for sometime. I’m not sure where it originated so I can’t give credit, but it does a fine job of illustrating copywriting.

One of the most emotional pieces I’ve ever heard was the story of a copywriter who passed a blind man on his way to work.

He noticed that the blind man’s sign was not very compelling as he only had a few coins in his bowl.

It simply said, Blind, Please Help.

The copywriter picked up the sign, turned it over, and created a new sentence. He left it in front of the bowl and continued to work.

On his way to lunch, the copywriter passed the blind man again. The bowl was now overflowing with money.

The blind man sensed who he was by his footsteps and reached out, grabbing the man’s pant leg,

“Tell me sir, what did you do to my sign?”

The copywriter replied, “I just painted a picture with words.”

The new message simply read… It’s spring outside and I can’t see it.


Did you feel that? That was story telling. That was emotion.

That was beautiful copy. And that is what copywriting is all about.

Twenty-thirteen, coined The Year of The Online Writer by Copyblogger’s Brian Clark, saw an explosion of businesses both big and small dipping their toes in the sea of content marketing.

But the tide, as expected, has changed in 2014, leaving the Internet saturated with content (27,000,000 pieces of content shared each day to be precise)– most of which is simply not good enough.

Businesses that step up their marketing game– investing in and producing remarkable content that crushes business objectives– will continue to bang the till.

Businesses that don’t, won’t.


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