8 Hurtful (Yet True) Scenarios That Demand You Invest In Professional Health Copywriting Services

professional health copywriting services

It might hurt now, but you’ll be OK.

Sometimes in life it’s hard to admit you need help.

Whether it’s love-life, business, or repeat DUI speeding convictions, we’re hard-wired to try and at least look like we can handle it ourselves.

That’s human nature. But there’s a fine line between confidence and ego.

In this post, I’m calling your ego out with a list of eight hurtful – yet true – scenarios that describe those who desperately need to invest in health copywriting services.

Swallow your pride, grab a cuppa, and read on.

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Pfft… Copywriting. What Does A Copywriter Do That I Can’t Do Myself?

What does a copywriter do?A small business owner strapped for cash is like Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce at a press conference. They’ll try to cut costs wherever possible.

They are reluctant to spend additional money on services, of which content marketing — including a strong social media presence, a blog for the SERPs, and persuasive copywriting — is viewed as inessential.

This mindset stems from a lack of understanding, where many owners and solopreneurs believe they can save a buck by doing most everything themselves– especially writing. After all, surely any non-dyslexic person with spell-check can whip up a few product descriptions, craft a facebook ad campaign, or write a powerful sales page? Right..?

And it’s this mindset which keeps business owners from investing in dedicated content marketing. But with number of US companies that invested in formal content marketing strategies jumping from 28% in 2012 to 49% in 2013

can you really afford not to invest in your content in 2014?

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