Creative Content Strategies and Social Media Marketing

creative content strategies and social media marketing

Struggling to come up with inspiring content for your audience? Or simply finding it hard to dedicate your time to the dynamic social media landscape? Let me take care of that for you.

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Professional Health Writing and Copywriting

Professional health and medical writing

So you need some articles or blog posts written up? Preferably from a professional. A writer. But you also need someone who understands powerful web copy – from keyword research and SEO, to magnetic headlines and ‘CTAs’.  A copywriter.

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Proofreading And Editing

Website Copywriting, Editing and Proofreading

Looking for a proofreader to review your work, ensuring punctuation and grammar are flawless? Perhaps you need a health professional to examine your thesis or academic piece, correcting statistical analyses, sentence structures and referencing style?

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