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Joe Leech Health and Medical Copywriter

The year was 1998 when I wrote my first sales copy.

I was capitalizing on a brand new trading platform – Ebay – to sell holographic Pokemon cards to despairing parents at Christmas. I was ten.

Hi, I’m Joe Leech- the Health Copywriter.

Unfortunately since then time has forced me to grow up somewhat, swapping my interests from collectible trading cards and colourful video games to more *professional* pursuits, such as writing, travel and nutrition science.

Long story short: in the midst of travelling to numerous countries each year, I graduated University with a Master’s Degree in Nutrition & Dietetics, and managed to shake a bad gaming addiction. During those years I also had one eye on media marketing, and the other on word play. (JUST to clarify: no lazy eye.)

These days, I’m helping competitive businesses in the health and fitness niche STAND OUT online with persuasive copywriting and creative content marketing services. Especially businesses targeting Millenials, or as I like to call us, Gen Now.

You can find me on .


So how can I help you?

If you’re a NEW BUSINESS looking to build some authority and earn some cred with your potential customers, I can help you with that.
If you’ve got a remarkable product or service that deserves much more attention than it currently receives; one that is, well, worthy of remark..
I can totally help you with that too.


Why Work With A Professional Health Copywriter?

It’s simple. I’m passionate about health and fitness, and I love the written word.

I inject this excitement into every project.

What’s more, I don’t write content for just any niche on the web. I create content solely for the Health & Fitness industry. 
It’s my craft.
My trade.

From medical terminology to randomised controlled trials and long-tail keywords, I understand health and how to communicate it online.

I can translate the latest scientific findings and research into DIGESTIBLE words that your customers will actually understand. After all, it’s my WHOLEGRAIN bread and butter.. (as are terrible puns, colourful words, dry (flakey-skin-dry) humour, ← and UK English spelling.)


Still wondering what the Health Copywriter can do for you?

I offer the following services:

Creative Content Strategies and Social Media Marketing

Professional Health and Copywriting

Proofreading and Editing