8 Hurtful (Yet True) Scenarios That Demand You Invest In Professional Health Copywriting Services

professional health copywriting services

It might hurt now, but you’ll be OK.

Sometimes in life it’s hard to admit you need help.

Whether it’s love-life, business, or repeat DUI speeding convictions, we’re hard-wired to try and at least look like we can handle it ourselves.

That’s human nature. But there’s a fine line between confidence and ego.

In this post, I’m calling your ego out with a list of eight hurtful – yet true – scenarios that describe those who desperately need to invest in health copywriting services.

Swallow your pride, grab a cuppa, and read on.

1. Your product or service sings out like a drowning cat

It’s not that your organic protein supplement is complete crap, or that your dietitian service is garbage. Heck, your business could be the absolute bees-knees of your industry, revolutionising the way we do what we do.

But it’s one thing to package your offer perfectly, and another altogether to sell it perfectly.

If you believe you’re offering a remarkable product and just about nobody is, well, making any remarks, then you aren’t selling it properly.

Now if that is the case, there’s a pretty HUGE chance that the content – particularly the words that persuade online customers – are just NOT singing out.

My cat, Hitam.

My cat, Hitam.

Whether it’s the website copy, the product descriptions, your sales pages, the wording of your advertisements (or your lack of advertisements), a creative health copywriter can help your business demand some attention.

Ps. I don’t know what a drowning cat sounds like, nor do I wish to find out (I freaking love cats!).


2. You don’t even have time for your family

Okay, maybe you do. On Sundays.

But during the week you sure as hell don’t. Running a small business or start-up is actually really bloody hard, time-consuming work.

I get that.

And because of your endless to-do list you haven’t managed to re-work the copy on that nutrition supplement sales page, or write that compelling members’ newsletter that existing customers actually want to read. Simply because you can’t find enough hours in the day.

Time to make a small investment – for the good of your blood pressure and sanity – and hire someone who’s got the time.


3. You’ve been waking up four times per night wondering if it’s time to go to work

Your job at the moment is so full-on and stressful that you’re taking that anxiety home with you. When you crawl into bed, your mind refuses to switch off and you just can’t get a decent night of sleep.

In fact, you can’t even think of a night where you weren’t staring at your phone waiting for the alarm to sound..

(Except maybe after last year’s work Christmas Party → BIG night.)

You’ve become stressed, over-worked, and if you’re not careful, overwhelmed too.

Time to offload some of that pressure, take a leap of faith, and look for others that can work with you to get the job done.

Only then will you finally be able to sleep like you did back in high-school.


4. You’re the procrastination king or queen

Procrastination King needs to hire a copywriter
Maybe not for life in general, but you’re certainly royalty when it comes to doing work that doesn’t excite you.

You always shun improving those product descriptions for more important tasks, such as stalking those who ‘viewed your profile’ (and totally stalked you first) on LinkedIn.

Or perhaps you just never have the time to improve those product descriptions? Or to put it more accurately…

You choose not to make the time.

And that’s certainly fair enough, after all, time is money; you need to put your best foot forward.

Why spend three hours researching “what language or words should I use to increase my lead conversions?” as well as “what are lead conversions?” when you could just pay someone else to worry about all that for you (ahem).

By utilising professional health copywriting services, you could use that three hours you’ve just saved to do something you’re actually good at.


5. You don’t actually know the difference between a calorie and a kilojoule

And you don’t feel entirely comfortable (nor ethical) writing a product description that uses references you found via Wikipedia either.

In fact, there might be certain aspects of health & fitness that you’re expected to discuss and maybe even sell, but it’s just not quite your forte. You may or may not be providing a disservice to customers and clients.

Five large words in italics.

You need a health copywriter.

We know how to translate research into layman’s terms, and we understand the difference between RCT’s and Meta-Analysis studies.

Oh and for the record, calories and kilojoules are both units of energy used to refer to the energy value of food. They measure the same thing, just like metres and feet.

1 calorie = 4.18 kilojoules. Don’t get them mixed up!


6. You’re about to lose your job because of distinct incompetence

Professional health copywriter can help you NOT get fired
Okay that scenario is likely a tad extreme. But perhaps this new project on your plate is a big deal. For whatever reason the stakes are bloody high and you want results.

You need results.

If there’s ever a time to hire some experts, it’s now.

Do you need some compelling health posts written up for the new promotion?

Do you need a Facebook ad that gets click-throughs to your sales funnel?

Do you just need somebody to help you write content?

I heard professional health writers are pretty damn good at health writing.

Just saying.


7. You think targeting ‘hair loss’ as the primary keyword for your article will get more website traffic from search engines than targeting ‘how to stimulate hair growth’ (LOL!)

In all seriousness though, keyword research is complicated, time-consuming, and a damn pain- especially if you don’t have the right tools and software to do it.

Google Keyword Planner does NOT count, sorry.

Could be time to hire an SEO-savvy copywriter to worry about that stuff for you.

The exact phrase ‘Hair loss’ is searched 49500 times every month on Google.

Competition for that keyword is tougher than Mike Tyson.

Unless you’re Wikipedia, WebMD, or a ten-year-old site with thousands of backlinks, you can forget about ranking on the front page. You will get zero eyes from all of those 49500 searches.

‘How to stimulate hair growth’ (exact phrase) is only searched 2400 times per month. However, as a long-tail keyword it will be much easier for you to get eyes on your content. The competition is far more level → Usain’s pulled a hamstring.

Even ranking 3rd in search will get you ~10% of traffic… 240 page views is much better than zero.


8. You seriously suck

Sorry but it’s true. You are simply the worst.You suck at writing

Just plain terrible.

Maybe not when it comes to inspiring clients to reach their fitness goals. Heck, maybe you’re the very best health coach south (or north?) of the equator. But when it comes to writing, yes, you suck.

Time to face facts and work with someone who doesn’t.


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