5 Fundamental Questions To Ask Before You Hire A Freelance Health Writer

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe. — Abraham Lincoln

In 2011, fitness enthusiast Derek Flanzraich quit his job.What to ask when hiring a freelance health writer

He hoped to use his media business experience to create the defining brand and business for healthy living.

In just one year, his brand became arguably the fastest growing site in the health and fitness space. Shortly after the website’s first birthday, Greatist was hitting one million unique visitors per month.

The content was original, well-researched, and above all, consistent. It was on the back of his team of freelance health writers that Derek’s site became an industry leader.

Today, nine of every ten organisations are undergoing a Digital Transformation– investing in technology and business models that effectively engage customers at every touch point. Otherwise known as content marketing.

Like Derek, if you do it right, your business growth can be off the charts.

But there are layers upon layers of shit to sift through when looking to outsource tasks online. Especially when it comes to hiring freelancers.

Now assuming you’ve realised you need to invest in health writing services, and don’t anticipate wasting your time with hopeless freelance health writers, consider these five questions before you make any decisions.

1. Does the freelance health writer actually specialise in health?

Does the freelance health writer specialise in health?A pastry chef specialises in pastries.

A tattoo artist specialises in tattoos.

A stoma nurse specialises in stomas (graphic but required to paint the picture for you).

A freelance health writer specialises in health; specifically writing about health, for an audience that wants to read about health.

They don’t specialise in health and real-estate. Nor do they specialise in health and forex trading and celebrity fashion and 3-legged Chihuahuas.

Work with someone who has studied extensively in an area of health or fitness, or even practiced in the medical field.

Someone who will understand your business, and more importantly, your customers.

2. Will the health content writer appreciate the bigger picture?

Will the health content writer appreciate the bigger picture?Particularly important if you need content that drives your overall marketing plan.

You need a health content writer who understands that this is not just another piece of content. It’s a piece that will become part of an enormous content puzzle; it needs to fit perfectly in place.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 70% of people would rather learn about a company via an article than an ad. As a result, nine out of ten companies are now marketing with content.

Content marketing – including blog posts, email marketing, and website copywriting – is now the most powerful form of marketing and, for lack of a better word, you can’t afford to fuck it up.

3. Does the writer appreciate the power of different writing styles?

TDoes the writer appreciate the power of different writing styles?his is a fundamental concept that all great writers aim to perfect.

The writing style of a blog post or sales page or social media update is ultimately what shapes your company’s voice. Your company’s brand.

For example, should you use passive language or active language? In most instances, active stirs more reader enthusiasm and engagement. Think about the following, passive vs active:

  • The glass was thrown across the room by Glen, vs, Glen threw the glass across the room.
  • Mistakes were made, vs, I made a mistake.

Active language can be much more powerful and engaging.

Another example is working La Rochefoucauld’s aphoristic writing style into the copy. He designed this short, punchy style of writing to persuade people whom he knew had little time and did not necessarily agree with his attitudes.

Nobody could’ve anticipated how relevant his writing style would be today… Our online attention span is now around 6 seconds; 3 seconds less than a goldfish.

Best to get to the point and make it stick.

4. Is the health writer easy to get in contact with?

Nothing fancy or technical to say about this one.

For the best outcomes you should be working with those you outsource tasks too. Collaboration is key.

If they are difficult to get in contact with – especially on the phone – then the process can become much more complicated than necessary.

5. Does the health writer understand and leverage keyword research and on-site SEO?

Does the health writer understand and appreciate keyword research and on-site SEO?If you found this article after searching for ‘freelance health writer’ or ‘health content writer’, then you are one of around 80 individuals who type either of those phrases into Google each month.

Those keywords also appear in <h1> or <h2> header tags as well as image alt descriptions on this page.

You ending up here is no happy coincidence.

If SEO (search engine optimisation) is part of your marketing strategy – like it should be – then be sure to work with a writer who understands how to optimise your content for the search engines.

Getting on the first page of Google can be the difference between hundreds if not thousands of leads.

Speaking of which…


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